What I bought: Wild Life Prints

by julie on April 15, 2011

I’ve been thinking about the artwork at Wild Life Prints since we featured them on Cool Mom Picks over a year ago. So it was a happy coincidence that when I looked up the shop again last week, I found that the artist was offering a 2-for-1 special.

That’s what we shoppers refer to as “a sign.”

I’m now the proud owner of four prints that make me smile every time I see one of them. Which, considering where I’ve hung them, is pretty darned often.

To wit, the print in my freshly painted laundry room:

I bet that ostrich irons more skillfully than I do.

Next, the kids’ bathroom:

Likewise, I bet that duck bathes more often than my children do.

And the powder room:

Is the swan using the flower pot as a chamber pot? Better than pooping on the white chair.

Finally, the one that I knew immediately I had to have, now hung in Oliver’s room:

Cow Skates 2.0 – “When fun is outlawed, only outlaws will have fun.”

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